Welcome, friends! My name is Ashni and I’m a produce enthusiast.

Though I have a tiny apartment, I have a big love for all things food - especially vegetable-forward dishes. I am my most at-home in my local farmer’s market, though I do rely on pantry staples like grains and legumes to serve as the base of my dishes.

Most of the Western World has done vegetables a disservice. We treat them as side dishes, only to be consumed when we need something healthy, ignoring them in favor of heavily processed meats and breads.

My practice is to elevate vegetables and treat them with the same care and reverence as we afford meat. I firmly believe that when prepared correctly, a vegetable can be the centerpiece of a meal.

Rather than going to the market with a particular recipe in mind, I like to be inspired by what the market has to offer me - what’s in season, what’s fresh, what looks interesting.

I’ve been asked by several friends to document my process - from finding my weekly inspiration at the market, to then incorporating those items into recipes that are relatively easy.

Please join me on this journey!

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